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People Looking to Sell Their Home
Tell us about someone who wants to sell a home in San Diego and if we buy it, we'll pay you $1,000! Provide us with the telephone number and property address and that's it! Great places to look are For Sale By Owner, vacant houses, or damaged properties. Anytime you see one, send us the information and we'll get on top of it. Think of anyone you know, or if you happen to meet someone who has a house for sale, send us their information. If you're motivated to take this seriously, please contact us, because it is possible to make a full time living just searching for properties and referring them to BestVestors.

People Looking to Buy Houses 

Send us the name and telephone number of anyone you know looking to buy a home. If we sell them a home, we'll pay you $500.00! Some great buyers are landlords, construction companies, rehabbers, or people looking for a a new house to call home.

Vehicle Billboards 

This is really easy money. All you need to do is place one of our car door magnets on your vehicle and do nothing else. We provide you with a unique phone number and when we buy a property from anyone who calls your number, we send you a check for $1,000! You are able to see the calls that come in, and if you want, you can choose to answer the phone calls and call them back for additional income It really doesn't get any easier than that to make some extra cash! Fill out the form below to be considered.

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Work Part Time and Earn Extra Cash

We're always on the lookout for motivated people who want to earn an extra income doing part time work. You can work as much or as little as you want, giving you control of how much you could earn. We have opportunities in the following areas:

Placing Signs: This is perfect for those who just want to just work an extra hour or two per week with the potential to make a lot of money. We have two main types of signs that we need to put out. The first type of sign advertises one of our properties for sale to potential buyers. When we have properties close to your area, you would place signs to generate awareness and phone calls. You will get paid $1,000 when anyone who calls purchases that property, or any of our other properties!

We also, need signs placed that promote our services. You can post these signs in your neighborhood, on your way to work, etc. The same, $1,000 fee will be paid for any deal that we close based the signs you place.

Spanish Speakers:
 We need bilingual speakers to assist us on transactions. You would be "on call" around your schedule to speak with Spanish speakers and meet with potential clients. You will earn 25% of the profits from each transaction that completes.

Door to Door: A very high potential for big dollars. We provide you with a list of prospects within your area, and your job is to make contact and inform them of our services. There is no hard selling, we want people to take the approach of a teacher, where you inform the people of their options. If you're motivated, we will support you to ensure you succeed. The range of your commission will usually be around $2,000 to $5,000 per closed deal.

Outbound Callers: We will provide you with list of phone numbers of people who have expressed interest in selling their house. We will provide you with a loose script to get the needed information, however you should be able to talk naturally. We will pay you $1000 for any property that closes. Work at your own pace, from home. If you're comfortable on the phone, then is is definitely something to look into.

Runners:  A great way to get exercise while you earn extra cash! Here you will be walking, running, or biking through neighborhoods distributing flyers to promote our services. You'll be paid $1,000 for each property that closes as a result of your flyers.

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